Original music composed by
Tom Williams III,
Copyright (c) 1996-98
Dreamsharer Music, Ltd.
Used With Permission.

Romance, Love 

Inspirational, Spiritual 

Dreamy, Meditative 

Eastside Window 
Angels In The Wind
Sweet Reverie 
Onde de Love
Rainbow Morning 
Dream Dweller 
Raindrop Dance
Encircling Wind
Gentle Lady 
Silent Tears 
Judith's Serenade
Shadow Moon 
Midnight Dream 
My Lover's Kiss
Better Time 
Stream Along 
Lady Lost
Silver Rain 
Morning Glow 
Shadow Winds
Missy Blue 
Flowers of the Field 
Phases of Love 
Little Angels 

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Music To Dream By ... The Dreamsharer


'Midnight Dream' - A Midi Song

Updated February 19, 2002